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FAQs on India

Are you planning to travel to India? Do you have any questions on traveling to India? Everyday prospective tourists ask variety of questions. Here are few things that tourists want to know:

Is India affordable to visit?

The answer to this question is big ‘YES'. Indian currency denomination is less and if we talk about the western and European tourists, they are in big benefit. Rich western tourists can easily afford the extravagance of India. India as a peaceful country is a welcoming place and absolutely affordable.

Do I need the Visa to travel to India?

If you are planning to visit India, it is mandatory since India is a sovereign country. You need to apply for the visa. You can apply online and can visit Indian Embassy in your country.

Is it possible that I can carry the electric appliance from my country to India and use it?

There is no prohibition of carrying or using your electric appliance in India. You can freely use your phone, camera and so forth without any problem. You should also visit Indian Visa and Immigration office. There are certain kind of appliances which are not permitted. 

What is the best time to visit India?

India is a vast county and almighty blessed this lend with all beauty. You can find all season here from chilling winter in its northern part, dire summer and burning heat in the desert of western part and the moderate coastal line in the southern tip.  The best time to visit in India depends on your fantasies and goals, what you want to do here in India. Since India is country with the hot environment, we see the bigger tide of tourist in winter. The hilly areas are best visited in summer to beat the heat of plains. Monsoon is considered the lowest season, but the Indian government is promoting tourism in this season also and getting good results.

Can I travel India during the Monsoon season?

Yes, you can, without doubt, visit India in monsoon. Actually, the real beauty of India is its monsoon. The feel of rain in this season is attracting countless people. Rainy season is not cold here in India and tourists can enjoy being out in rain. It is perfectly safe to visit India in monsoon season.

What are the best shopping spots in India?

With great tradition, and culture and the advent of business revolution in India, you can expect the many numbers of shopping spots here. You can shop modern clothe or you can try the hand on ye traditional one. The customary article and item are found in all big cities to attract the tourist of all over the world.

How can I find the options for adventure tourism in India?

Vast, mysterious, and magical India has been harboring fairytale adventures palaces. There are hunting places, havelis, to explore. You can catapult yourself in wild jungle or can plan a safari in the desert of western India. The mountains of north hold so much mystery, voyage, and Odyssey that are waiting for you to solve them.

Which is the best place to go for Camel Safari?

Rajasthan, the land of Rajputs is your destination. The mighty Mahals, forts, and Hawelis are there to stay while you plan for safari. You mingle yourself in wild, hot and splendid sand beauty of Thar desert while voyaging on the camelback in Rajasthan.

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