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India Visa Requirements

A large number of people visit India every year for various reasons, including business, tourism, and religious pilgrimage. Every single national is required to have a legitimate visa to enter the nation. With a couple of special cases, there are 4 principle necessities to getting a visa to India. If you fail to submit the correct papers, it will result in a denied visa. Visa Categories rely on the candidate's purpose to travel India and the length of your stay will depend on what kind of visa is fitting for your trip here. You can get tourist visas that have the length of a half year, 5 years or 10 years. Business and student visas are for 1 year.

Things to notice -

•  At the point when applying for a tourist visa to India, you should state the reason for your excursion here unmistakably.

•  This visa is issued to tourists who intend to visit India for diversion, touring and to meet their family members and friends.

•  You cannot take part in any kind of business activity after entering India on the tourist visa. You cannot search for employment, or take part in research or study.

What is the legitimacy of Tourist Visa?

The primary change to note is that the 1-year tourist visa is not anymore accessible. Candidates need to pick between a 5-year multiple-entry visa and a 10-year multiple-entry visa. US residents will get a 6-month, 5-year or 10-year Indian Tourist Visa. In addition, there should be the gap between visits must not be less than the 2 months. If the tourist is willing to re-enter India in less time, he or she must seek special permission to do so.

Requirements -

  • Passport - If you are willing to travel India you must have a valid passport with at least 6 months still remaining beyond your planned stay before expiration. Additionally, your passport must have at least two blank pages so they can easily stamp the visa. 
  • Photographs - There is need of two identical passport-size photographs. It should be the colored photograph and front facing. They should be attached to the application form.  The tourist must follow some guideline to fulfill the requirements of the photos like the tourist should not wear glasses in photo etc. These specific requirements are clearly stated on the visa application form.
  • Proof of Address - There is need of submitting the documents that state your proof of address. Applicants need to submit a photocopy of it. This document could be r a state-issued identification card, current utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage) driver's license, or current utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage).
  • Birth Certificate - There is need of certificate which shows your date of birth, nationality and your parents' names.  It is government document issued by your national government.
  • Visa Fees -  A visa fee is paid to either the Embassy of India or Consulate of India. This postal money order is necessary.

Note -

Tourists from certain countries can have extra restrictions. Citizens of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka all need to fill out extra paperwork. The citizens of United States are given five- and 10-year visas, while citizens of all other nations must leave after 6 months. The citizens of all other nations can return after at least 2 months of the interval.

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