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Highlights of Golden Triangle Tour

Triangles are the curious thing, are not they? You might have heard about many triangles like tangles of trigonometry, the deadly triangle of Carrabin Sea ‘the Bermuda triangle', where if anyone goes never returns, and you might have heard about the love triangle, deadliest of them all. What you are about to acquaintance here is a triangle of cities of India, golden triangle and this triangle also takes you to another world as all triangles do, but here it takes you to voyage of ancient cultural, architectural and natural beauty from where you would not wish to return back. Yes, it is the triangle of three cities; Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

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  • A graveyard of dynasties -  

    Regal family resided in Delhi and this older than time city is famously called the graveyard of seven capitals since seven dynasties ruled and eventually died and buried here leaving behind the relic of their glories past to be seen by history aficionados and tourists. Melancholy, history, architectural beauty, all can be found in the capital of mighty India and these structures are evidently screaming the perpetual tale of past reveling how India enriched by Muslim invaders and civilized by British royals. Or one can say ruined by Muslim attackers and plundered by British. You can see yourself once you set foot in Delhi and can decide.

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  • Immortal songs -

    Your journey of this triangle commences from Delhi by roaming in old Delhi streets and famous Red fort. The tale of love, romance, fight, betrayal, and blood are buried in the historic structures of Delhi which are still singing the fable relentlessly. You encounter Jama Masjid, India Gate, Qutab Minar and Humayun's Tomb and step into the medieval past of glorious Muslim Era when India was ruled by grand Mughals. Their words are God's word and their wishes were realm's fate.

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  • Tale of love and betrayal-

    The next halt is Agra, the old seat of Grand Mughals, the place which houses famous love symbol, Taj Mahal. Who in this world is not acquainted with this masterpiece of white marble, built by Shahjahan in the loving memory of her beloved wife Mumtaj! This is called one of Seven Wonders of the World. Mumtaj must be beautiful. They say when Sahajan was imprisoned by his own son in the old Red Fort in Agra in the matter of succession; he would behold Taj from the slender window and would weep. Well, you will bump into lot more stories like this on your golden triangle tour of this city.

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  • Tryst with regal - 

    The last stop is Jaipur, proud land of fierce Rajputs who never surrendered to foreign invaders, be it Afghans, Mughals, or English. The forts, Mahals, and Havelis here, would describe you the love of Rajput to their land and why they kept holding the reign of western part despite waves of attackers and invaders were mounting rest of India. The forts were built splendidly to imparted comfort and security to the regal families during the time of peace and war. You will see Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Albert Hall Museum on your trip to this city of Jaipur. The old custom, garb and clothes, language and food are all royally here. This city is very welcoming and famously called pink city due to pink building here.

    What is written above is just a feeble shade of what you will experience on this golden triangle. It is a challenge that this trip will turn you the eternal lover of Indian art, craft, cult, and history. It is for sure.

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